Gira KNX servo 3

New possibilities for intelligent room temperature control

The Gira KNX servo 3, which is powered by an electric motor, is used to control room temperatures for heating systems. It is suitable for use with heaters, radiators, convectors, in heating circuit distributors, for example, for underfloor heating and many other systems. The servo is installed directly on a valve connection (M30 × 1.5). The special features of the Gira KNX servo 3 include an integrated room temperature sensor, intelligent time-switched valve flushing, and other convenient software functions.


  • Direct connection to KNX
  • Infinite valve adjustment
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Variable analysis as 1-bit switch function or 8-bit value, at the user's option
  • Intelligent timer-controlled valve flushing to prevent lime scale accumulation or jamming of valves
  • Operates with internal room temperature measurement/control or with external, sensed variables
  • Optional variable limitation


  • Automatic valve travel adjustment
  • Mechanical valve position display on valve head
  • Optional limit value monitoring
  • Optional locking of servo in two fixed positions
  • Operating mode of valve control (normal/inverted)
    can be parametrised
  • Binary input for connection of a zero-voltage operating device or a temperature sensor
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