Electronic blind control

Blind control button Standard

With the Gira blind control button Standard, daily raising and lowering is simple – at the mere touch of a finger.

Blind control button

Equipped with a status LED, the Gira blind control button allows for convenient blind control at the touch of a finger and offers a high level of operating convenience thanks to its enhanced functionality.

Blind control button with sensor analysis

Various sensors – such as glass breakage sensors – can be connected to the Gira blind control button with sensor analysis.

Blind control button with memory function and sensor analysis

When it has been raised and lowered once, the memory function integrated in the Gira blind control button saves the exact time.

Electronic blind controller Easy

If the times for raising and lowering have been programmed in, the blinds and roller shutters then always move on time automatically.

Electronic blind controller 2

The times at which the blinds or roller shutters should be set in motion can be specified at the touch of a button.

Electronic blind controller 2 with sensor analysis

In addition to the activation of programming times, the integrated Astro program and the connectible random generator, sun and glass breakage sensors can be connected too.

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Blind control


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