Gira security switches

Gira security switch, Gira E2, pure white glossy

Security switches can be used in various ways, e.g. as emergency-off switches for highly automated systems in industrial operations or training grounds or at experiment benches in schools and universities. They can stop machines immediately, for example, or interrupt the power supply. In addition, key switches or key buttons allow authorised persons to deliberately switch the power supply on or off or to raise or lower a garage door at a delivery entrance, for example.

Gira offers suitable cover plates for screw attachment, which provide space for pushbutton switches, palm buttons, key switches, rotary switches, indicator buttons, and mushroom-head buttons, as well as selector switches, and signal lights, e.g. from Lumitas, Rafi, Elan or Fanal. The products range from 1-pole key switches and 2-pole key switches including half-cylinder profiles, which can either be installed in the System 55 design lines or in the water-protected surface-mounted system.

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