DCS IP data interface

The DCS IP data interface connects the Gira 2-wire bus to the IP network. It can be used either as a pure configuration tool or to control convenience functions of the Gira door communication system and other systems (e.g. KNX system). The DCS IP data interface enables easy start-up using the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), even if the items to be installed are not yet physically available. The transfer of data points to building automation is also enabled. So "Leaving Home" or "Coming Home" scenes can be started with Gira X1 when there is an incoming call at the door, for example. The tried and tested push-button start-up can also still be used, however.

Special features and highlights

  • Simple start-up of the Gira door communication system via PC and Gira Project Assistant.
  • It is easy to make subsequent changes or additions to the system.
  • The device only remains in the system while programming is carried out (thus no direct cost increase for the overall system).
  • Protection against tampering through pairing with control device.

Diverse options

The configuration of the Gira door communication system can be carried out via GPA prior to installation, thereby shortening the time needed for configuration. The DCS data interface is used for connection of the analogue 2-wire bus to IP. Additionally, the configuration data of existing systems can be read out. The system can even be combined with other product groups, e.g. door communication with logic module Gira L1 or Gira X1. Central control via IP enables individual home stations to be muted. And the occupancy simulation feature enables lights to be switched on in the house, for example, if the doorbell rings when you are not at home. This simulates movement in the house.

Find out more about the Gira Project Assistant (GPA)

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