Gira surface-mounted door station

Easy surface-mounted installation

In addition to the Gira door station for flush-mounted installation, the Gira door communication system also offers various door stations for surface-mounted installation. They are available in several completely pre-assembled models. First, an anodised aluminium carrier profile with the PCB unit and functions is screwed onto the wall, then a cover frame protected against weathering is installed.

Speaker, microphone

The hands-free unit is equipped with an echo suppressor. The microphone is automatically activated at the location where the level is higher. If ambient noise at the front door is particularly high, the person at the home station can activate the microphone with an override function by pressing a button.

Call button

The name plates of the call buttons can be easily replaced without having to remove the cover frame. The buttons are evenly backlit in white with maintenance-free, energy-saving LED. If one of the call buttons on the 3-gang variant is unused – for example in a two-family house – a cover plate can simply be placed over that call button, or it can take on another function, such as light switching, in combination with a switching actuator.

Materials, installation

The Gira flush-mounted door stations are perfectly equipped for outdoor use. They consist of shatter-proof and scratch-resistant, UV-stable thermoplastic and have IP 44 water protection. Installing the inserts into 58mm flush-mounted device boxes in the wall ensures permanent and secure fastening. Fastening the cover frames using Torx screws ensures theft protection, as once installed, the door stations can only be removed with a special Torx screwdriver. To improve protection against theft, the cover frames can also be fastened with Tri-Wing screws, which are optionally available.

Inscription service

With the Gira Inscription Service, call buttons can be professionally designed according to your personal specifications. This can be done quickly and easily online. In just a few steps you can create a personal template and order it using the online form . The finished label (available for a fee) is then delivered without delay. There is also a PDF template online that you can print out yourself free of charge. Electrical trade specialists use the 'DesignPro Edition Gira' inscription software from Avery Zweckform. Gira offers suitable A4-size inscription sheets.

Mounting plate

A mounting plate is used to cover installation openings in the wall from a previous door intercom when the Gira door communication system is retrofitted. It consists of anodised aluminium and has holes for wall mounting and openings for receiving the Gira flush-mounted door station.

Mounting plate dimensions

Mounting plate, 2-gang

W 130 mm x H 253 mm

Mounting plate, 3-gang

W 130 mm x H 253 mm

Mounting plate, 4-gang

W 130 mm x H 346 mm

Technical data

Power supply

26 V DC ± 2 V (bus voltage)

Connections bus coupler

2 screw terminals 2-wire bus
2 screw terminals additional power supply
2 system bus connector strips
1 video connector strip

Connections speech insert

2 system bus connector strips

Dimension of inscription labels

Call button, 1-gang: W 62 x H 62 mm
Call button, 3-gang: W 62 x H 18 mm

Temperature range:

-25°C to +70°C

Protection typet

IP 44

Gira door communication system

Order/download free of charge
The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments



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