Gira System 3000

System 3000 - Light and blind control made easy

The Gira System 3000 offers maximum flexibility and optimum convenience for advanced light and blind control: With five differentoperating top units, which can be universally used for both lighting and blind areas; this offers easy operation and a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for every desired level of comfort. The top units are distinguished by their intuitive operation.

System 3000 - Easy installation and start-up

The Gira System 3000 has many features aimed at electricians, to simplify its installation. Its extra-flat installation depth offers more space for wiring, recessed mounting claws reduce the risk of injury, and a practical test button on the inserts allows the blinds' direction of travel to be controlled immediately without having to attach the top unit. If necessary, the direction of travel can simply then be reversed at the press of a button.

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System 3000


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