Gira System 3000 LED dimmer

Gira System 3000 LED dimmer

As unstoppable as the triumph of LED lamps, as wide as the variety of types. There are special dimmers for each type of lamp. With the new Gira System 3000 universal dimmers, Gira now offers an intelligent solution that "thinks for itself". The Gira System 3000 LED dimmers are easy to install and automatically calibrate to the load. Gira has the right answer for all installation types and locations. The material and processing quality are designed for an extra long service life.


  • Universal complete solution
  • Installation sites: In the lamp, in the device box or in the sub-distribution
  • For new builds, renovation/modernisation, public and private buildings
  • No confusing version diversity
  • No flickering of the light or light bulb afterglow
  • No LED afterglow on dimmers and switches with lighting element


  • Automatic calibration to leading edge or trailing edge
  • Universally suitable for all LED lamp types
  • Durable thanks to their high-quality workmanship
  • Higher investment security through the Gira LED compensation module: retrofittable for all Tronic and Universal dimmers
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