Gira wireless presence detector

Gira wireless presence detector

The Gira wireless presence detector is a battery-operated component from the Gira wireless bus system. It is mounted on the ceiling and monitors an area with an 8 m diameter below it. If the brightness drops below a specified value and the wireless presence detector then detects motion, it activates the wireless actuator to switch on the light.

In conjunction with a dimmer, the Gira wireless presence detector can adjust the lighting to a constant value. If motion can no longer be detected or if it is bright enough, the wireless actuator is switched off, which also switches off the light.

Operation via Gira wireless hand-held transmitter Komfort

The Gira wireless presence detector can be operated using the Gira wireless hand-held transmitter Komfort, for example. The transmitter allows the brightness setpoint to be modified or the additional functions 'Switch on for 2 hours' or 'Switch off for 2 hours' to be activated.

Presence detector system

In order to monitor a larger area without any detection gaps, several wireless presence detectors can be combined into a presence detector system. In the process, one of the wireless presence detectors is defined as the overriding master device and all the other wireless presence detectors become 'slave devices'. The desired brightness setpoint is set on the master device and applies to the entire system. The overrun times can be adjusted separately on all the presence detectors used.

Technical data

Angle of detectionl


Nominal range desk height

ø 5 m

Nominal range floor

ø 8 m

Installation height for nominal range

2.5 m

Overrun time

approx. 2 min to 1 h


approx. 3 to 2000 lux

Transmission frequency

433.42 MHz


approx. 100 m (free field)

Temperature range

0°C to +45°C

Power supply

6 V DC


4 x 1.5-V Micro LR03 (AAA) alkaline

Protection type

IP 20


Ø x H 103 x 43 mm

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Automatic lighting control


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