Gira KNX presence detector

Gira KNX presence detector

The Gira KNX presence detector is used for presence monitoring and motion detection indoors. It features an integrated bus coupling and three digital PIR sensors, and is equipped with a brightness sensor. The Gira KNX presence detector can serve as an individual device, main unit, or auxiliary unit at the user's option, and enables fully-automatic or semi-automatic lighting control.

The overrun time can be set flexibly and adapts to user behaviour if desired. Only a minimum and a maximum value must be specified for this purpose. Depending on the duration of the movement detected in the room, the Gira KNX presence detector will select a correspondingly short or long overrun time.

Komfort variant with many additional functions

The device is available either as a Standard variant or Komfort variant. The Komfort variant allows the three PIR sensors to be separately analysed, and can be conveniently configured with an optional IR remote control. In addition, it has extensive software functions for intelligent light control. For example, light groups near to and far from the window can be controlled individually, dimming-up and dimming-down properties can be set, and function blocks can be switched over.

Additional product details for the Komfort variant

  • Five configurable function blocks for the following operating modes: presence detector, ceiling monitor and alarm device
  • Presence detector function block with light control
  • Brightness sensor function block with limit monitoring (coupling with presence and motion detection possible)


The Gira KNX presence detector is delivered as a ready-to-connect complete device with an integrated KNX bus coupler for flush-mounted installation. The device can also be fastened directly on the ceiling with the optional surface-mounted housing.


  • Protective cage
  • Mounting ring for surface-mounted installation
  • IR remote control (Komfort variant)

Technical data

Mounting height

2 to 5 m

Angle of detectionl


Nominal range floor

∅ approx. 20 m (mounting height 3 m)

Nominal range desk height

∅ approx. 12 m (mounting height 3 m)


10 to 2000 lux

Ambient temperature

-5ºC to +45ºC


∅ x H 103 x 50 mm

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Automatic lighting control


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