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The name Gira represents systematic modern building technology which makes home living more convenient, more secure and more energy-efficient. For this purpose, Gira offers intelligent functions and user-friendly devices for the easy and convenient control of lighting, heating, and blinds, as well as door communication, multimedia, and security systems.

Award-winning design lines provide the right framework for integrating diverse solutions. With its Plastics Technology business segment, Gira also develops and produces special solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


The dawn of smart buildings

When the digitisation of building technology first took hold in the early 1990s, Gira was one of the pioneers of this technological development. The family firm became one of the founding members of the European Installation Bus Association EIBA, for example (later known as the KNX Association). With the definition of a binding standard, the association created the basis for networked communication between sensors and actuators of various elements and functions of building and home technology. As a result, it became possible to control lighting, heating, blinds and alarm systems digitally.

KNX Association

The new sales and training centre

In 1993, the foundation stone is laid to build a new sales and training centre.

Foundation of the Gira Active Partner Club

“Give and take” is the idea behind the Gira Active Partner Club. Since 1997, more than 1,200 members in Germany and a further 100 members in Austria have joined the Gira Active Partner Club. As dedicated electricians, they address the market’s challenges together.

Gira, Keuco and FSB set up the BerührungsPUNKTE communication initiative

In 1998, the three companies FSB, Keuco and Gira set up the BerührungsPUNKTE communication initiative. In the year 2000, they publish a book entitled “BerührungsPUNKTE”, which is promptly presented with a red dot award from the North Rhine-Westphalia Design Centre. As the book was a huge success, the free BerührungsPUNKTE magazine has been published twice a year for architects and design enthusiasts since 2001.

The radio in the wall

The Gira flush-mounted radio simply sits in the wall – just like light switches and socket outlets.

1998 – 2000
Infinite variety

System 55 not only combined the E2, Event (both 1998), Standard, Esprit (both 2000) and E3 (2016) ranges in a single platform concept, but also integrated some 300 different functions – including a few unusual ones such as the "radio in the wall" – into the world of switches. With its different designs incorporating numerous colour and surface finish options, System 55 opened up a previously undreamed-of array of design possibilities. Customers were able to put together their own switches entirely according to their own needs and in keeping with their interior décor. And they could reconfigure them any time at no great expense.

System 55 1998-2000

Company history


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