System devices

Various system devices are available as part of the Gira door communication system to set up audio communication or even video functionality. Depending on the cable length and the number of devices, repeaters increase the range of audio, video and data signals. Using the supplied DRA adapter, all of the devices can be mounted on a top-hat rail in the current distributor. In some cases surface-mounted and flush-mounted installations are possible.

Audio control device

The Gira audio control device is intended for door communication systems in which only audio components are supplied.

Video control device

The Gira video control device is required if video components are used in addition to audio components.

Switching actuator

The Gira switching actuator is used to carry out switching functions on the Gira home station or via an unassigned call button, for example switching on/off a staircase light or opening the garage door.

Power supply for door communication 24 V DC

A power supply of 24 V DC 300 mA is required for using several cameras, supplying power to the call button illumination in large facilities and for operating in combination with the Gira TC gateway.

DCS IP gateway

The Gira DCS IP gateway makes the door communication system even more convenient and flexible to operate. A single device enables the Gira door communication system to be connected via the network to a computer as well as to the Gira Control 9 Client or Control 19 Client.

DCS camera gateway

The Gira DCS camera gateway enables greater flexibility with video door communication. This enables one or more external cameras to be integrated into the Gira door communication system and installed anywhere, independently of the door station.

Video multiplexer

The Gira video multiplexer bundles the video signals of door stations, DCS camera gateways and DCS IP gateways.

Video amplifier

The Gira video amplifier extends the range of Gira door communication systems with video function.

Video distributor

The Gira video distributor distributes the video signal of the door stations, the DCS camera gateway and DCS IP gateway to the home stations.

DCS repeater

The Gira DCS repeater is an active component for expanding the Gira door communication system, which allows both the cable length and the number of devices in a door intercom to be doubled.

Gira DCS IP data interface

DCS IP data interface

The DCS IP data interface connects the Gira 2-wire bus to the IP network. It can be used either as a pure configuration tool or to control convenience functions of the Gira door communication system and other systems (e.g. KNX system).

Gira door communication system

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Door communication


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