Integration into letterboxes

Beautifully combined

Through cooperation with other manufacturers such as Renz, Gira door stations can be integrated as desired into a variety of letterbox systems for flush-mounted, surface-mounted or free-standing installation. The housings are available for order with cut-outs, into which the individual Gira functions, such as call buttons, door speakers, info modules and colour cameras, can be inserted.

A special installation profile (available in models ranging from 1-gang to 4-gang) is required to incorporate the functions into the device platforms.

Installation profile

The aluminium installation profile is used to integrate functions of the Gira flush-mounted door station into letterbox systems, front plates and door-side installations made by firms such as JU-Metallwaren, Normbau, and RENZ. The height compensation ensures that the functions can also be installed flush even if the material thicknesses are different. The installation profile is secured by screwing through the front plate or screwing to mounting bolts.


Installation is easy: Insert the cover plates of the functions into the front plate, position the installation profile on the inside of the front plate and screw down, then place the flush-mounted inserts of the functions onto the cover plates.

Contact address

Additional information available from:

Erwin Renz
Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG
Boschstrasse 3
71737 Kirchberg/Murr

Tel +49(0)7144-301-0
Fax +49(0)7144-301-185

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