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These days, future-proof planning and building includes integrating KNX, the only open global standard. IP technology is also becoming increasingly popular because it is able to connect the individual functions in an optimum manner. The trend towards connecting KNX and IP brings with it enormous growth potential for electrical companies, architects and planners, but also signifies an enormous degree of know-how and specialisation for the implementing companies. As a specialist electrical company installing EIB, collaborating with System Integrators opens up new perspectives in complex building system technology here while providing additional opportunities to inspire your customers. System Integrators are companies with specialist know-how and unique expertise for consulting, configuring and commissioning IP products. A System Integrator collaborating with you will perform the work in your name and on your behalf according to an agreed hourly rate. You remain responsible for customer support.

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The System Integrators:

  • provide advice regarding IP building control technology products such as the Gira HomeServer, as well as products from other manufacturers (multiroom, telephone, etc.) and ensure professional and error-free configuration and start-up. The installation services themselves remain with the local specialist electrical company. 
  • are qualified experts in the field of cross-function building system technology and already have reference installations. 
  • are either simply service providers or service providers with an installation business. 
  • continuously update and expand their knowledge though special training courses. 
  • own the relevant equipment (e.g. special measuring instruments) needed to set up and maintain these technologies. 
  • are available for collaboration with specialist electrical companies that install EIB. 
  • work on behalf of local electricians, but offer a full warranty for all work performed by them. 

The Gira service concept – Cornerstones of collaboration

  • Work by System Integrators is invoiced according to an agreed hourly rate. 
  • System Integrators provide advice and assistance to the specialised electrical trade and its customers following installation, for example when expanding or reprogramming the system, or in the event of any problems. 
  • For this purpose, each System Integrator also has an official representative who can offer competent assistance based on a CD left with the customer containing basic and product documentation. 
  • Gira makes sample contracts available free of charge in order to facilitate smooth collaboration between System Integrators and electricians. 

System Integrators in the region

There is already a comprehensive, nationwide network of System Integrators, which intelligently connects the structures of the market. Additional information or details or your nearest System Integrator are available by calling +49 (0)2195 602 429. Your regional System Integrator can also be found directly using the search function.

Electrical trade


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