Gira refers to a system that you can use to control the building’s entire electrical installation automatically, centrally and from any location as 'intelligent building technology'. Lighting, heating, blinds and windows, door communication or music: Almost anything can be integrated. A single touch of the finger activates the lighting arrangement to suit a cosy winter evening. The heating provides the right cosy temperature in each room, in an individual and time-controlled manner. You can close windows while on the move or open the front door from the sofa using a smartphone. Intelligent building technology creates a home that thinks for itself – and meets individual requirements.

Everything in a single system: light, heatings, blinds and more besides.

A home that thinks for itself.

International standard – KNX/EIB

The technology incorporated in the system is called KNX. This globally established standard is initially installed in the home as a data cable, which is routed together with the mains supply. The devices that communicate with one another and enable home automation or control are connected to this cable. This system remains flexible, because the entire home is networked. If requirements change, it can simply be expanded or reprogrammed.

The on-board computer for the home

The Gira HomeServer is the brain of the system. It manages and automates the electrical installation in the home, integrates systems from other manufacturers (such as Viessmann, Miele, Revox or Dornbracht) and connects your home to the internet.

Easy operation – while at home and on the move

Whether you’re at home, standing in front of your home, or right at the top of the Eiffel Tower, the home responds to a touch of your finger. Using the Gira Interface app, you simply control all the building technology within the system over the internet: with an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone. The app, which is optimised for the touch screen, is extremely easy to operate and clearly illustrates all the functions.

Test intelligent building technology for free

You can also test exactly what intelligent building technology with Gira means online, thanks to a demo version of the Gira Interface app, which is included in the 'Intelligent building technology from Gira' app

At Gira, intelligence starts with the design line

As a manufacturer of intelligent building systems technology, Gira offers a wide range of products for the electrical installation as well as the KNX/EIB installation. Nowadays, even the possibilities of a conventional installation extend far beyond switching light and supplying electricity. At Gira, intelligence starts with the design line – a multitude of functions for door communication, heating, light or entertainment make living even more convenient.

Starting with your favourite music in the bathroom in the morning.
Gira RDS radio

Better orientation in the dark.
Gira LED socket outlet

The right temperature in the room – automatically.
Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling program

Control blinds in a time-dependent manner – even when you’re away on holiday.
Gira control button with sensor and memory function

Energy consumption and weather data at a glance.
Gira wireless energy and weather display



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