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In the Gira System 55, the Gira Studio design line offers more than 300 functions that make a smart home out of your living spaces. Whether you opt for intelligent individual solutions, door communication or networked building technology, you can achieve your own KNX or wireless-based smart home that's not only stylish but also fit for the future.

Touch sensor 3 Basis

The Gira touch sensor 3 Basis enables convenient control of the most important basic functions of intelligent building technology: switching, dimming, blind control, and encoder and scene auxiliary unit functions. And in the process, its operation adapts to the occupants' needs. If functions ever change, the button assignment can be easily reprogrammed. The number of saved functions depends on the number of buttons.

Gira System 3000 blind timer and timer Bluetooth

Conveniently program and control everything as you need it, from the comfort of your own sofa: The Bluetooth system operating top unit takes lighting and blind control to a whole new level. The smartphone or tablet becomes the control centre. With the Gira app, all the settings for the various lighting sources, blinds and shutters are displayed clearly on a large screen and perfectly under control. Time programs that have already been created can easily be copied into other operating top units.

Gira System 3000 Display blind timer

Touch-sensitive buttons and a high-contrast illuminated display make operating the new Gira Display blind timer easier than ever before. In addition to manual control, the current time can be saved at the push of a button to program the movement times for all seven days. Alternatively, the settings can be customised separately for weekdays and the weekend via the menu. Especially convenient: The integrated astro function makes it possible to dynamically match these movement times to sunrise and sunset. The changeover between summer and winter time is carried out automatically.

Gira RDS radio

The Gira RDS radio simply sits in or on the wall, just like light switches and socket outlets. This avoids annoying cables and keeps work surfaces and counters free. The speaker has been completely redesigned to give the radio a pure sound – and in excellent stereo quality when the Gira additional speaker, which is available as an option, is connected. Intuitive operation is particularly convenient, thanks to the capacitive sensor field and high-quality display for showing information and transmitter-specific data.

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