A variety of colours and a uniquely rounded frame shape are the striking characteristics of the Gira Event design line. Green, aubergine, amber or an intense blue allow for extraordinary interior design concepts. A total of 17 frame variants are available from three design lines, each with their own particular surface material appearance. They can be individually combined with inserts in the colours pure white, cream white, aluminium and anthracite. Gira Event is available in the full System 55 range depth with over 300 functions.


The Event design line features a classic colour palette, but in the unmistakable, semicircular shape of the design line. The completely solid-coloured frames are available in four variants: pure white glossy, pure white matt, aluminium and anthracite.

Event Opaque

The Gira Event Opaque frame variants are made of opaque plastic, which is a slightly translucent material. The colours appear brighter or darker at times depending on the lighting conditions. This effect is further emphasised by the curved form of the frames. Gira Event Opaque is available in the following colours: amber, mint, blue, red, white, orange and dark brown.

Event Clear

Gira Event Clear draws out colours with a particular luminosity. This design line is characterised by its clarity and visual depth, and high-gloss surface – an effect created by transparent plastic on top of a coloured background. Gira Event Clear is available in green, white, black, brown, aubergine and sand.

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