Wide variety with more than 300 functions

The Gira System 55 offers more than 300 intelligent building technology functions, which can be installed in six different design lines. Since it was launched, it has been continuously refined and expanded to include new functions and systems. In addition to the Gira door communication system and the nurse call system, the world’s largest range of data connection technology has also been integrated into the world of switches, ensuring that the Gira System 55 will meet changing market requirements in the future too.

Sample functions

Motion detector

The Gira automatic control switch ensures that the lighting switches on automatically when a person enters the room and switches off again when that person leaves the room. The devices can be installed quickly. The Gira automatic control switches are simply inserted into the flush-mounted box in place of the previous switch.

Electronic blind controller 2

A convenient timing function can be incorporated into the automatic blind control system with the electronic blind controller 2 from Gira. The times at which the blinds or roller shutters should be set in motion can be specified at the touch of a button. If desired, the integrated Astro program will factor in the different sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. And when the home's occupants are away on holiday, the random generator will open and close the blinds at a different time each day.

Keyless In Fingerprint

Gira Keyless In Fingerprint is based on a biometric system and uses what is probably the oldest means of identification: the fingerprint. This is unique and makes it unbeatable as an entry code when used together with the latest biometric identification process. Gira works with high-frequency technology, which is currently one of the most secure methods on the market for keyless entry to a building.

LED orientation light

The Gira LED orientation lights can be optionally set to emit white, blue, red, green or orange light. In addition, the lights can constantly run through the entire spectrum of colours, from which any desired colour can be saved. The brightness can also be adjusted and thus adapted to individual needs. A slat element can be installed for light dispersion.

Touch switch

Each time lighting is switched on and off using the Gira pushbutton switch, the button moves back to its initial position. This ensures a uniform appearance, particularly when multiple combinations are used.

Touch sensor 3

The Gira touch sensor 3 enables convenient control of the most important basic functions of intelligent building technology: switching, dimming, blind control, and encoder and scene auxiliary unit functions. The number of saved functions depends on the number of buttons.

RDS flush-mounted radio

The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio simply sits in the wall – just like the light switches and socket outlets. This avoids annoying cables and keeps work surfaces and counters free. The speaker has been completely redesigned to give the radio sound in excellent stereo quality when the Gira additional speaker, which is available as an option, is connected. Intuitive operation is particularly convenient, thanks to the capacitive sensor field and high-quality display for showing information and transmitter-specific data.

Home stations

The Gira home station combines the classic hands-free system with convenient added value. The base unit with speaker, microphone and call buttons can be optionally expanded to include a TFT colour display and an additional button for in-house calls. The home station with video function can be conveniently operated by lightly touching the four buttons, thanks to its capacitive sensor technology. The hands-free speech function is so sensitive that the speaker does not have to stand directly in front of the microphone to be understood. System settings can be made using the on-screen display and the other buttons. The voice quality achieved by all of the home station models can be compared to the quality levels achieved with mobile phones or hands-free systems in cars.

2-gang combination switch/SCHUKO socket outlet

The classic frame combination unites the basic functions of each electrical installation. The lighting can be operated using the switch. The SCHUKO socket outlet is protected against unintended and indirect contact so that electrical devices can be safely connected to the power supply.

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