Gira LED orientation light TX_44

The LED orientation light from the theft-proof and water-protected Gira TX_44 design line is particularly well-suited to outdoor use. It is optionally available with white, blue or orange LEDs.

The lighting element has a frosted diffusing plate and is water-protected in accordance with IP 44. As a function of the Gira TX_44 design line, the LED orientation light can also be integrated in Gira Panel and Gira energy profiles.

Technical data

Power supply
230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption
0.85 W/5.6 VA
Light intensity
white 0.8 cd, blue 0.3 cd, orange 0.4 cd
Protection type
IP 44 when mounted with seal ring on a flush mounted installation box, IP 20 when mounted on a light outlet box
Operating temperature
-15 °C to +50 °C


Operating instructions

LED orientation light

Operating manual.

Bestell-Nr 1159 .., 1161 .., 1162 ..

PDF, 301,5 KB



Gira for the home

Planning tool for intelligent electrical installations Order no. 1911 90

Bestell-Nr 1911 90

PDF, 1,9 MB


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