Gira emergency set

One component of the Gira nurse call system is the emergency set for equipping toilets or bathroom units that are adapted for people with disabilities. Gira offers the emergency set as a separate package which can be used independently of the rest of the system.

The set consists of a call module, pull-cord button, switch-off button and power supply unit and ensures that a person in need of help can alert staff should an incident occur. The pull-cord button triggers a visual and acoustic alarm that attracts attention via the call module located outside the toilet.

A duty room unit can also be optionally installed. This enables notification in another room. The pull-cord button, call module and switch-off button can be re-ordered individually to expand the system.

The Gira emergency set is available as a complete set with a cover frame from the Gira E2 design line in pure white glossy. In addition, the Gira emergency set components are also available without cover frames to match the Gira design lines.

Individual components of the Gira emergency set

Pull-cord button

The pull-cord button is used to trigger calls/emergency calls using a 2.5 m pull cord and can be installed in any location. This means that space for it can be found not only on the wall but also on the ceiling. The button is immediately accessible if someone needs help. If a call is triggered, the red lamp integrated in the cover plate lights up for reassurance. The button is connected to a room terminal, room module or call module.

Call module

Within the set, the call module forms the central unit to which all the signals are transferred. It is installed in the immediate vicinity of the room where the emergency set is installed, for example above the door on the outside of the toilet. A triggered call/emergency call is transmitted to the call module and the red signal light lights up. During installation, DIP switches allow a choice to be made between a flashing light and emergency sound or a continuous light and continuous sound. Light and sound are switched off via a separate switch-off button.

Switch-off button

The switch-off button is used to switch off a call/emergency call (by pressing the green button) and is installed in the same room as the pull-cord button that triggered the call. This means that the call/emergency call can be switched off only when the assisting staff member is actually at the scene. The button is connected to a room terminal, room module or call module.

Power supply unit

The Gira emergency call set's power supply unit is installed in a deep flush-mounted device box. Care must be taken to ensure that the 230 V cable is kept separate from the 24V cable during installation. Gira recommends using the power supply unit as a partition between the cables.

Optional - duty room unit

The duty room unit is used as an optional extension for the Gira emergency set. If a call/emergency call is triggered, it enables notification in another room, for example at the reception desk. This may be practical if the door on which the call module is installed is not directly visible.

Manual or automatic presence switches and acoustic signal transmitters for call forwarding are required in all rooms where staff must be reached if a call is triggered. The green button marks a person's presence in the room, the yellow button suppresses the call module's acoustic emergency signal for 20 seconds, for example in order to be able to accept a telephone call. The buzzer switches itself back on automatically after 20 seconds.

Competent partners for the Gira nurse call system

Are you looking for a partner for the Gira nurse call system? Our service staff on +49(0)2195-60 23 42 would be happy to provide you with details of a competent specialist electrical retailer in your region.

Technical data

Call module, switch-off button and duty room unit

Protection class

IP 20


Thermoplastic (PC)

Installation (call module)

in a flush-mounted switch box, DIN 49073, recommendation: deep box

Pull-cord button

Protection class

IP 22


Thermoplastic (PC)


in a flush-mounted switch box, DIN 49073

Power supply unit for emergency set




24 mm

Input voltage

100 V to 240 V

Output voltage

24 V

Output current

250 mA

Approval EU

EN 60950, EN 60335

Ambient temperature

25ºC to +50ºC


Thermoplastic (PC)


in a flush-mounted switch box, DIN 49073, recommendation: deep box

Cover plate

Dummy plate

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Gira nurse call system


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