Gira nurse call system

The call system for all system sizes

Connect people, provide security: The Gira nurse call system is a call system for ­calling for help in hospitals, care homes, medical practices or public toilets.

It meets all the requirements according to DIN VDE 0834 and thus guarantees a high level of functional and operational reliability.

Emergency set

One part of the Gira nurse call system is the emergency set for equipping disability-friendly toilets or wet rooms. The set consists of a call module, pull-cord button, switch-off button and power supply unit and ensures that a person in need of help can alert staff should an incident occur.

Call-displaying elements

All the components of the Gira nurse call system that display a previously triggered call. These are the room and duty room terminals as the central control and operating units for patient rooms, room signal lights and modules in the hallway or the mobile wireless set, which is a constant companion in the building with a lanyard or wristband.

Call-triggering elements

The counterparts to the call-displaying elements are the call-triggering elements. To name but a few examples, these include an extremely wide range of call button, pear button or pull-cord button variants.

Call-cancelling elements

Elements that can be used to cancel a previously triggered call for help. In this regard, the Gira nurse call system includes the switch-off button and the absence button.

Power supply elements

The components in the background of the system: the mains rectifier, the surge relay and the interface unit.

Central control unit

The central control unit is the higher-level control unit for the entire system, especially in larger properties, and takes over the required monitoring functions as well as group-wide communication.

Group central unit

The group central unit is the next level up from the room modules, room terminals and duty room terminals: It is the central control unit for a ward. It controls the call signalling in the respective rooms and communicates with the room terminals, room modules, hallway displays and duty room terminals for this purpose.


Other products for the Gira nurse call system, such as wall brackets and protective adapters for pear and multiple buttons, plus the name plate/door plate from the Gira product range.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

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