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Tailor-made lighting, easy installation

Easy, flexible and functionally reliable: The Plug & Light light socket outlet is used in any commercially available European device box without assignment of parameters and commissioning. The standardised interface communicates automatically with the light top unit in the preferred design. The lights selected by the customer do not have to undergo a complicated installation and uninstallation process. Thanks to the magnet system they can be quickly docked and exchanged. A single electrical installation therefore offers the customer the option of a wide range of different light scenes.

Light socket outlet with lock

The light socket outlet is also available with a practical locking mechanism that enables Plug & Light to be used in public buildings and hotels as well. There is therefore never any risk of the flexibility of the system being exploited.

Light socket outlet without lock

The light socket outlet without a locking mechanism is particularly suited for the home. Whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or the hallway - spotlights and wall luminaires can be exchanged easily - even during operation.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Plug & Light


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