Gira touch sensor 3 Basis

Convenient operation of basic functions in the KNX system

The Gira touch sensor 3 Basis enables convenient control of the most important basic functions of intelligent building technology: switching, dimming, blind control, and encoder and scene auxiliary unit functions. And in the process, its operation adapts to the occupants' needs. If functions ever change, the button assignment can be easily reprogrammed. The number of saved functions depends on the number of buttons.

Each button has two red LEDs for status display and can be operated on the left, right and centrally, depending on the setting and variant. To ensure a clear functional overview, each button can be inscribed individually. In all transparent rocker sets, the inscription space features discreet backlighting, meaning that the touch sensor 3 Basis is also easy to operate in the dark.

  • Huge design diversity
  • Everything under control with the central 1-way switch
  • Flexible installation thanks to modular design
  • Two red status LEDs per operating surface
  • Safeguarded from disassembly through screw-fastening
  • Central operation of several functions
  • Increased security with panic switch function
  • Individual inscription service
  • Illuminated inscription space
  • Including neutral inscription labels

Huge design diversity

A wide range of design variants, customised for the various Gira design lines, are available for the Gira touch sensor 3 Basis. Variants can be obtained to match the Gira design lines from System 55, Gira E22 and Gira Stainless Steel, as well as the Gira F100. And there is a choice of two colours for the Gira F100: cream white glossy or pure white glossy. The models for the other design lines include operating buttons, which are available with edges either in cream white, pure white, anthracite, or colour aluminium, or in the real materials aluminium or stainless steel. In addition, full-surface models in stainless steel, aluminium, brass and bronze can be selected and provided with a special laser inscription.

Central operation of several functions

The touch sensor 3 Basis enables several functions to be operated centrally at the same time. It is available in models with up to 3 switches, meaning that several devices and settings can be controlled using a single touch sensor. Blinds, lighting, room scenes – everything can be accessed quickly and easily.

Everything under control with the central 1-way switch

Thanks to the Gira touch sensor 3 Basis, worrying about devices accidentally left on is a thing of the past. When it is programmed as a central 1-way switch, all previously selected devices can be switched off at the press of a button, e.g. individual lights, lighting rails and entire circuits. That way, you can rest assured that everything really is off when you leave the house. The central 1-way switch is particularly practical, for example in the hallway next to the front door.

Increased security with panic switch function

In dangerous situations, the versatile touch sensor 3 Basis proves to be a reliable assistant. When programmed as a panic switch and positioned next to the bed, for example, it is always within reach if suspicious noises wake you up at night. Simply press it briefly, and your house and garden will be flooded with a bright deterrent light. In most cases, this trick causes intruders to flee in panic.

Individual inscription service


Technical data

Supply via:

bus coupler 3

Temperature range:

–5°C to +45°C

Protection class:


Mounting type:


The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Touch sensor 3


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