KNX motion detector Komfort

KNX motion detector - the new generation of Gira automatic control switches

The Gira KNX motion detector Komfort is also used for the on-demand control of different functions depending on the movements of people. In this case, too, functions such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, blinds and even scenes can be easily and conveniently activated when a room, hallway, or staircase is entered. In addition to the Standard variant, the KNX motion detector Komfort also features a temperature sensor and thus enables the direct measurement of the current ambient temperature.

Thanks to two integrated digital PIR sensors, the KNX motion detector Komfort offers reliable, error-free motion detection - for normal (1.10 m) and high (2.20 m) installation zones.

  • Wide range with 180° angle of detection
  • Brightness sensor and three brightness limits
  • Adjustment of sensitivity
  • On-site operation enables the lighting to be permanently switched on and off
  • Can be used as an individual device, a main unit or an auxiliary unit
  • Convenient control via infrared remote control
  • Simple switching between configured functions
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Simple switching between day/night or week/weekend configuration
  • Walking test function
  • Energy-saving optimisation through adaptive overrun time


The Gira KNX motion detector Komfort also offers a multitude of functions which make everyday life more convenient and more energy efficient:

Convenient control via infrared remote control

Settings such as the sensitivity of detection, dusk stage or additional overrun time can be conveniently changed with the infrared remote control, which is available separately. In addition, it is possible to switch the Gira motion detector Komfort on or off manually.

Simple day/night switching

The new generation of Gira motion detectors enables simple switching between different configurations, such as day/night mode or week/weekday mode. Five configurable function blocks are available for the three operating modes: sentinel, sentinel with
switch-off brightness and detector. All function blocks
operate independently of each other. Which function block is active can be automatically switched in the KNX system or manually switched, for example, with the Gira touch sensor 3.

Saving energy with the adaptive overrun time

The Gira KNX presence detector offers the option of continuously analysing user behaviour to optimise the overrun time (transmission delay) independently. The longer the period during which people are detected in the room, the
longer the overrun time. If a room is only entered briefly now and again, the Gira KNX motion detectors reduce the
overrun time. This saves energy and conserves the light source by preventing unnecessary switching on and off.

Short-term presence function for conference rooms

The short-term presence function is available as an addition to the
adaptive overrun time especially for light and climate control in
conference or training rooms. If a Gira KNX motion detector detects motion only briefly, it selects the minimum overrun time regardless of the self-taught
adaptive value. As a result, lighting, heating/cooling or ventilation
will not remain switched on unnecessarily if somebody enters the
room temporarily during a long conference break, e.g., the cleaning staff
or catering service.

Smart on-site operating concept
and cleaning light function

The on-site operation using a touch function on the motion detector enables a light to be specifically switched on or off permanently and enables the deactivation of automatic motion detection. The current operating status
is displayed via corresponding LEDs. If the operating mode "permanently ON" is activated using the button for on-site operation on the device on the top floor, all the KNX motion detectors change to the corresponding operating mode and this is indicated by the
status LEDs lighting up. On arrival on the lower floor, the whole system can
now be switched back to automatic mode again via on-site operation of the installed KNX
motion detector.

Operating modes

The new KNX motion detector Komfort offers three different operating modes for selection:


Motion detector occurs automatically if the brightness level falls below a previously set brightness threshold.
In the application as sentinel, the device is normally used to automatically control a light in the event of movements of people. In this
operating mode, a light
is switched on until motion detection (including overrun time) ends.

Sentinel with switch-off brightness

This operating mode constitutes an extension
of the operating mode "sentinel" and enables continuous brightness evaluation. A light that is switched
on can therefore also be switched off during detected movements of
people if the ambient brightness is at a particular level. This also saves energy.

Alarm device

In the application as detector, the device always operates irrespective of the ambient brightness. Feedback telegrams indicate whether people are present in the monitored area or not. In this case, the number of motion impulses within a monitoring period can be specified, which enables the motion evaluation to be adapted to individual
requirements. A motion is only detected when the device has determined the set number of motion impulses.
This application is ideal if the device is to operate as a detector for KNX alarm systems.

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KNX motion detector


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