Products for the KNX system

The Gira KNX system enables the seamless integration of diverse devices which offer an extremely broad range of functions. They ensure that even the most demanding requests of occupants can be fully implemented. Lighting, blinds and heating can therefore be controlled, and multimedia and security components can be networked to form a smart system. It is also possible to incorporate the Gira door communication system using various Gira Interface products – for even more convenient living and working.

System devices

The Gira KNX system devices integrate different interfaces. They are used to establish an effective communication structure and allow the system to be integrated into different environments.

Gira X1

The Gira X1 server with KNX system makes automating and visualising a single-family home simpler, more convenient and more economical than ever before. This means greater convenience and security for users and occupants. Many functions can be monitored and controlled remotely when away from home.

Gira L1

With the Gira logic module, a series of automated convenience functions can be created without much effort. Using the intuitive Gira Project Assistant allows projects to be parametrised conveniently in just a few steps and modified at any time using drag & drop.

Gira S1

The Gira S1 remote access module provides users with secure and uncomplicated access to the smart home with KNX from anywhere. Switching off the light, checking camera images, switching on the heating, closing the blinds while on the move – all safe in the knowledge that no unauthorised person has access to communication.

KNX area/line coupler line amplifier

The area/line coupler connects two KNX lines to each other for data transfer and ensures electrical isolation between these lines. As a result, each bus line of a KNX installation can be operated electrically independently of the other lines.

KNX IP interface

The Gira KNX IP interface is used to connect a PC to KNX components for addressing, programming, and diagnostics within the system. Connection to the data network is via RJ45 jacks.

KNX IP router

The Gira KNX IP router connects Instabus KNX lines together via data networks. It uses the KNXnet/lP Standard: KNX telegrams are forwarded between lines via an IP network. This enables the establishment of communication across buildings and properties.

KNX USB data interfaces

The Gira USB data interface with integrated bus coupler enables a PC to be connected to the KNX system for addressing, programming, and diagnosing KNX components. The data interface is available as a DRA or flush-mounted device and is supported by the ETS3 or ETS Starter and the Microsoft PC operating systems® Windows® ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

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KNX system


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