The wireless bus system

Current electrical installations in existing buildings can be expanded or modernised quickly, cleanly and affordably with the Gira wireless bus system. A wide range of state-of-the-art control options can be wirelessly installed with no dirt or noise and at minimal expense and effort – from the cellar up to the roof, from automatic lighting control and cross-function scenarios to central building management.

Communication is via transmitters and receivers. The transmitters are battery-operated so that the operating points can be mounted at any location and easily moved if necessary. They send commands to wireless receivers and actuators which then execute or forward them. The wireless components can be mounted quickly with no fuss, and simply taken with you when you move.

Convenient light and light scene management

In addition to the installation already in place, new operating points can be installed at minimal effort and expense, so that lights can be switched on and off and dimmed from a different spot, for example. Several lights can also be controlled simultaneously or integrated into light scenes. The assignment of the operating point and lights can be changed at any time.

Automatic lighting

Automatic lighting control can be implemented easily with the Gira wireless bus system – in passageways and outside areas, sensors wirelessly signal the presence or motion of people to actuators, which then switch on the lights. As a result, these areas are only illuminated when people are present. This lowers energy costs and increases living comfort.

Controlling blinds automatically

An electronic blind controller is integrated into the Gira wireless bus system using the wireless universal transmitter and wireless control button top unit. It controls all the programmed blinds centrally, e.g. at the fixed times or depending on sunrise and sunset.

Energy-saving room-temperature control

Heating rooms only when they are actually being used is not only convenient, but saves energy too. The wireless room temperature sensor transmits telegrams to one or more wireless motor servos, which activate the heating valves. The times for switching on and off the heating can be programmed individually and depending on the day.

Comprehensive safety functions

Networking the wireless bus components allows a comprehensive range of safety functions to be implemented. All dangerous devices can be wirelessly switched off at once at the touch of a button. You can use the wireless panic switch to switch on all the lights in the house and garden if you hear suspicious noises at night. And if a fire alarm is triggered, the Gira wireless bus system automatically switches the lights on, raises the blinds and thus secures the escape route.

Central building management

Controlling the entire building technology from a central location: The Gira wireless controller enables not only individual devices, but also a variety of functions – such as lighting, blinds, heating, power supply and security technology – to be linked with one another and controlled and monitored wirelessly. In addition, all wireless transmitters and receivers can be reprogrammed centrally and linked with each other again.

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Wireless bus system


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