Gira wireless universal transmitter 2

The mains-connected wireless universal transmitter 2 detects the 230 V signals of conventional switches and buttons and converts these to wireless commands. Dimming telegrams are also possible with an additional connection for constant power supply, which is available at the installation site in any case.

The compact device is located behind the flush-mounted 230 V inserts in a flush-mounted device box. A deep flush-mounted device box is required when combining the universal transmitter 2 with electronic devices, such as blind controllers or room temperature controllers. In this way, existing sensors can also be integrated into the Gira wireless bus system. If desired, the system then regulates the heating, for example, or centrally controls the blinds in the morning and evening.

Operating modes

1. Switching (2 channels):
Two devices can be switched on and off via the wireless bus, e.g. with a series switch on the universal transmitter.

2. Dimming (2 channels/toggle):
Two channels can be dimmed using rocker buttons in toggle mode. Pressing the button briefly works as an on/off switch, while holding it down for longer dims or brightens the lighting.

3. Blind (1 channel):
Blind actuators receive commands to raise or lower the blinds or adjust the slats from the universal transmitter. Its inputs are connected to a manual blind switch – or also a blind timer, for example.

Technical data

Power supply

AC 230 V, 50 Hz, N conductor required

Transmission frequency

433.42 MHz

Transmission range

approx. 100 m (free field)

Delay interval

approx. 300 ms

Temperature range

20°C to +55°C


Ø 52 mm x H 23 mm

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments



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