Gira wireless automatic control switch

Convenient light control can be easily retrofitted using the Gira wireless automatic control switch, as it can be mounted anywhere on the wall as a battery-operated device without cables or a flush-mounted device box.


Once a configurable brightness level has been reached, the wireless automatic control switch transmits a wireless telegram to the corresponding wireless receivers, e.g. to Gira switching/dimming actuators or to the Gira wireless power unit when a thermal motion is detected. These then switch on the connected lights as long as movement is detected. When there is no more movement, they are switched off after the overrun time has elapsed.


The brightness switching threshold, day mode, and sensitivity can be adjusted on the wireless automatic control switch for optimum adaptation to the local conditions. The overrun time can also be adjusted when using a wireless power unit.

Technical data

Power supply

3 V DC


1 x Lithium cell

Transmission frequency

433.42 MHz


approx. 100 m (free field)

Temperature range:

-5ºC to+35ºC

Protection type

IP 20

Further product features

  • Walking test/teach-in mode
  • Battery status display
  • Brightness level infinitely adjustable from approx. 0 to 80 lux or day mode
  • Sensitivity adjustable from 100% to 20%
  • For mounting height 1.10 m: range 10 m at the front, 6 m on each side, angle of detection 180º
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