Wireless automatic control switch

Convenient light control can be easily retrofitted using the Gira wireless automatic control switch, as it can be mounted anywhere on the wall as a battery-operated device without cables or a flush-mounted device box.

Wireless presence detector

The Gira wireless presence detector is a battery-operated component from the Gira wireless bus system. If it detects motion in an 8 m diameter-range and if the brightness drops below a specified value, it activates a wireless actuator which switches on the light.

Wireless sentinel 180/16

The Gira wireless sentinel can be installed wherever it detects motion quickest (for example at the garden gate), regardless of the available mains supply.

Wireless window contact

The Gira wireless window contact enables wireless transmission of switching commands when doors and windows are opened and closed.

Central blind control

With the Gira wireless bus system, the central blind control can be upgraded without any caulking or plastering.

Wireless room temperature sensor with clock

The Gira wireless room temperature sensor with integrated timer enables convenient heating control for individual rooms, so that rooms are only heated when they are actually being used.

Wireless top unit switching/dimming

The Gira wireless top unit for switching and dimming is attached to an insert from the Gira System 2000: It ensures that the switching and dimming commands of the wireless transmitter are implemented.

Panic switch

What happens if you hear a suspicious noise at night? No need to worry – the panic switch is within reach. Simply press it briefly, and your house and garden will be flooded with a bright deterrent light.

Central 1-way switch

Leaving home with a sense of security: All selected lights and entire central circuits can be switched off at the touch of a button using the Gira wireless wall transmitter programmed as a central 1-way switch.

Wireless wall transmitters

Gira wireless wall transmitters can be positioned exactly where you want and need them, regardless of the spatial conditions and mains supplies.

Wireless wall transmitter, flat design

This Gira wireless wall transmitter is notable for its particularly flat profile and can be screwed directly to the wall without the need for additional housing.

Wireless hand-held transmitter Komfort

Up to 3 x 8 functions can be operated, e.g. switching on/off and dimming lights or controlling blinds – even centrally.

Wireless hand-held transmitter Mini

The small, stable wireless hand-held transmitter Mini allows any two recipients or recipient groups to be controlled and switched on/off, e.g. blinds or lights.

Wireless universal transmitter 2

The mains-connected Gira wireless universal transmitter 2 detects the 230 V signals of conventional switches and buttons and converts these to wireless commands.

Smoke alarm device Dual/VdS with wireless module

When equipped with a wireless module, the Gira Dual/VdS smoke alarm device can be integrated into the Gira wireless bus system. A transmission range of 100 m (free field) can be achieved per module. If a smoke alarm device with wireless module is programmed as a repeater, the range can be expanded even further.

Wireless controller glass

The Gira wireless controller is the central control and operation unit for the Gira wireless bus system. It receives and transmits wireless telegrams for this purpose.

Wireless multi-function transmitter, 4-gang

The Gira wireless multi-function transmitter, 4-gang enables switching and touch commands to be transmitted wirelessly without a 230 V connection. The battery-operated wireless binary input offers numerous setting options for use with conventional buttons and various actuators for switching on/off, dimming, or controlling blinds.

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Wireless bus system


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