Wireless socket outlet adapter

The Gira wireless socket outlet adapters are used as a connection piece between a socket outlet and a device plug in order to facilitate the wireless control of mobile devices such as floor and table lamps, radios, kettles and coffee machines.

Wireless control button top unit

The Gira wireless control button top unit is attached to the blind controller insert.

Wireless universal dimmer Mini

The wireless universal dimmer Mini is installed in the flush-mounted box behind a switch and enables switching and dimming of various electrical loads. 

Wireless universal dimmer

The wireless universal dimmer enables switching and dimming of various electrical loads. With its slim design, the wireless universal dimmer can be installed in the tightest of spaces – in suspended ceilings, for example.

Wireless control unit 1–10 V

The wireless control unit 1–10 V enables switching and dimming of fluorescent lamps via electronic ballasts or electronic transformers with a standardised 1–10 V interface in accordance with DIN EN 60928. This means that there is electrical isolation between the mains supply and the 1–10 V input.

Surface-mounted wireless power unit

The surface-mounted wireless power unit is the wireless sentinel’s partner. Upon receiving a signal, it switches connected lights on and then off again after the set delay time has elapsed.

Wireless universal cord dimmer

The wireless universal cord dimmer is installed in the supply cable of a floor or table lamp. It can be used to wirelessly switch lights on and off as well as dim them.

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Wireless bus system


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