Gira wireless blind actuator 1-gang DRA

The wireless blind actuator receives wireless telegrams for the control of a blind or roller shutter drive from the wireless reception module via a separate data line. It is installed on a DIN top-hat rail. The end position of the blind (all the way up or all the way down) can be combined with the lighting to form light scenes (a maximum of 5 are possible).

With a brief press of a wireless transmitter button, a pulse is generated corresponding to the amount of time the button is pressed – and this is used to adjust the slats for example. Pressing and holding a wireless transmitter button activates extended run for approx. 2 minutes. A maximum of 14 wireless channels can be controlled, and electronic locking of the wireless blind actuator is possible.

Technical data

Power supply

AC 230 V, 50 Hz

Switching capacity

max. 700 VA

Relay output

2 NO contact relay
(non-isolated and mechanically interlocked)

Switchover time for change of direction of movement

approx. 1 s

Extended run

approx. 2 min

Protection type

IP 20


DRA device with 2 HP

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments



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