eNet SMART HOME tutorials and videos

eNet SMART HOME is the clever alternative to intelligent building control in apartments or small single-family homes. The following eNet SMART HOME videos provide a comprehensive insight into the possible scenarios, all functions of the new app and tutorials on simple start-up.

Tutorial: eNet SMART HOME app - Functions at a glance

Overview of all the functions of the eNet SMART HOME app. In our tutorial you can obtain detailed information about the use of functions such as the central control of light and blinds, the creation of scenes or the programming of the time control.

Tutorial: eNet SMART HOME connect - Start-up

This tutorial guides you through the eNet SMART HOME connect start-up interface in nine simple steps. Learn how to create a new project, add and configure devices, and create connections.

Functions at a glance

In this video, find out more about the functions that can be automatically controlled with the new eNet SMART HOME system.

One system for everyone

In this video, find out more about the smart home installation process: From the idea through consulting to implementation and installation.

Convenient life in old age

Which functions does the smart home offer me in old age? How easy is it to operate the app and what level of convenience can I achieve with it?

Convenience that grows with you

In life, requirements with regard to convenience and security change - with eNet SMART HOME, changing demands can simply be adapted to as they arise. The system can be easily expanded.

The smart apartment

It does not always have to be the home: In this video you can find out how you can also change an apartment into a smart apartment at any time and how you can benefit from this.

The smart office

Not only houses and apartments can be smart: Office life can also be simplified with the help of automatic home control via eNet.

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