Products for the eNet SMART HOME system

Functions such as lighting and blind control can be installed and linked in a network via the eNet SMART HOME product portfolio in existing buildings as well as new builds – on the basis of a conventional electrical installation. Sensors measure brightness or voltage, current and energy values and send these values to the eNet server. This then issues commands to the actuators. Signals are transmitted between the individual components bidirectionally and wirelessly, i.e. actuators not only receive commands, but also report successful transmission.

Many different operating devices are available to control the eNet SMART HOME system. Besides easily retrofittable wall transmitters, the product range includes hand-held transmitters and various operating top units. When the eNet SMART HOME server is used, the system can also be conveniently controlled using the eNet SMART HOME app, from home or while on the move. Lights, blinds, and various other functions can be operated intuitively with the app and easily integrated in scenes.


The entire building technology system can be easily controlled and configured using the eNet SMART HOME app - even while on the move. The app is intuitive to use, and allows individual functions to be activated and various timers, including astro function, scenes and if-then rules, to be configured.

eNet wireless operating top units

Gira eNet wireless operating top units are easy to install and can make a conventional electrical installation wireless-capable. Components from other systems can be integrated too.

eNet wireless wall transmitter

Gira eNet wireless wall transmitters are battery-operated and can be conveniently placed exactly wherever switches or push buttons are required regardless of the mains connections.

eNet wireless hand-held transmitters

Gira eNet wireless hand-held transmitters enable the convenient operation of home technology. Lights can be switched and dimmed, blinds can be controlled or various scenes can be called up using large operating buttons.

Gira G1 eNet client

The Gira G1 can be used as an operating device for the eNet SMART HOME system. All functions can be conveniently operated by touching or gesturing at the brilliant multi-touch display.

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