Smart applications for the home

Automatically controlling shading, lighting and temperature in your absence

When no-one is at home, should the light be switched off and shutters, blinds or curtains be closed? No problem! Use the integrated, location-dependent control of the tado° heating system in order to not only turn down the heating but also switch off your lighting and shut down darkening. And you can do all this with your eNet SMART HOME system.

Smart setting of your comfortable temperature

Enter a warm and cosy bathroom in the morning or after
a few days away from home come back to a house with pleasant temperatures: Thanks to the intelligent networking of eNet SMART HOME and tado° you control radiators or underfloor heating with the Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter and with the eNet SMART HOME app on the Gira G1 or smartphone – for your preferred ideal temperature, at any time.

Opening front doors without a key

A warm homecoming without having to look for your keys: With
the Gira Keyless In keypad you open your front doors by
entering your personal numeric code or with the Gira Keyless In Fingerprint with your fingerprint. In addition, thanks to the connection with the eNet SMART HOME system an individually configurable welcome scene is started.

Controlling door communication from inside

Switching on the light in front of the front door or in the hallway when someone rings the bell: Thanks to Gira door communication this is done conveniently using the light button of the home station. So you can see who is at the door – and you can optionally start a welcome scene for your visitors.

Adjust lighting from your bed

From the comfort of your own bed, switch off the lights in the evening and gently dim them up in the morning, so that you are not dazzled by the glaring light: The Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter makes this possible.

Centrally operate blinds

Controlling all blinds in the house at the touch of a finger without having to take a tour of the whole house is no longer a problem. Simply replace the existing products for blind control with new inserts equipped with eNet wireless – and operate all the blinds centrally with the help of the Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter.

Everything off at the touch of a finger

For more safety and lower energy consumption: When leaving the house, switch off all lights and selected consumers and at the same time lower the blinds – with the help of the Gira eNet wireless wall transmitter, all this can be done with a touch of your finger.

Perfect atmosphere for a cosy film night

eNet SMART HOME lets you activate predefined room scenarios at the touch of a finger: Your home will then adjust the ambient light to a certain level and close the shutters, for example. And all this without you ever having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

Conveniently control shading

Open and close blinds, shutters and awnings by timer at specified times - or according to the seasonal sunrise or sunset times: With the eNet SMART HOME app, you can conveniently set up and control everything.

Switching on garden lighting at dusk

Even at the end of a long summer's day it starts to get dark sometime. Wouldn't it be nice if the lights turned on automatically at this stage? Thanks to the Gira eNet wireless sun sensor, you don't have to sit in the dark – because it automatically turns on the lights when daylight is no longer sufficient.

Know whether the washing machine in the basement is done with the laundry

How much power is the lighting currently consuming? Which socket outlets have power guzzlers connected to them? Thanks to the eNet SMART HOME app, you are always kept in the picture about power consumption in your home. Of course you can also use this to find out whether the laundry in the basement is finished – because when it is, the washing machine stops consuming power. The Gira eNet wireless energy sensors make it possible.

Dimmed light for getting up during the night

Never again will you have to get out of bed half asleep and be dazzled by bright light on your way to the bathroom: Simply operate the Gira wireless wall transmitter as usual – at night the light is slightly dimmed when it is switched on. The Gira eNet server makes this possible.

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