Gira RDS flush-mounted radio

Music directly out of the wall

The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio simply sits in the wall, just like the light switches and socket outlets. This avoids annoying cables and keeps work surfaces and counters free. The speaker has been completely redesigned to give the radio a pure sound – and in excellent stereo quality when the Gira additional speaker, which is available as an option, is connected.

Intuitive operation is particularly convenient, thanks to the capacitive sensor field and high-quality display for showing information and transmitter-specific data.


The speakers can be installed directly next to the radio's operating element, or at a distance of up to 20 m when connected with a 2-wire cable. The radio automatically detects connected speakers and switches between stereo and mono mode.

Light and music at the press of a button

The radio's functionality can be expanded using the integrated 230 V auxiliary unit input. For example, if an automatic control switch or the bathroom light is connected to this, the radio is automatically switched on or off together with the light.

Can be combined with the Gira docking station

The RDS flush-mounted radio can easily be expanded with the Gira docking station. It allows external music sources to be connected to the Gira RDS radio or a stereo system. What's special about this, is that music is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth, so there is no need to connect mobile end devices directly. Equipped with three exchangeable top units, the docking station can be used as a universal charging device for various smartphones and MP3 players. The AUX output is used to connect to the RDS flush-mounted radio directly to play music.


  • The radio insert and speaker can be installed individually in 1-gang cover frames or together in a 2-gang to 5-gang cover frame, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Each radio component is installed in its own flush-mounted device box (recommendation: deep switch box).
  • The radio insert requires a 230 V power supply
  • The speaker and the Gira additional speaker for stereo operation can each be installed a maximum of 20 metres from the operating section using a 2-wire cable.
  • The optional cinch socket outlet is connected to the radio insert at a maximum distance of 3 metres using a 3-wire cable.
  • Installation in combination with other electronic components can negatively affect the reception quality.

Performance features

  • Frequency range: 87.50 to 107.90 MHz
  • RDS function: if the received station transmits the RDS signal, the station name will be shown in large letters and the station frequency in small letters on the display. In this case, the current time will also appear without having to make any settings for this purpose.
  • Capacitive sensor technology: the radio buttons need only be lightly touched for operation. Especially convenient: to turn the radio on you don't need to touch the On/Off surface specifically – anywhere on the entire operating surface will do.
  • Sleep mode: the radio switches off automatically 30 minutes after sleep mode is activated.
  • Station presets: during initial start-up, the two strongest stations are automatically stored in the two station presets. These can then be reassigned as desired by pressing and holding the memory button.

Technical data for RDS flush-mounted radio

Power supply

AC 230 V

Screw terminals

Mains connection 2.5 mm²
Speaker /AUX connection
1.5 mm²

Temperature range

-5° to + 50 °C

Protection type

IP 20

Frequency range

87.50 to 107.90 MHz

Technical specifications of the speaker


8 Ω

Rated load

4 W

Connection cable

approx. 150 mm



Gira, Radevormwald


Gira Design Team, Radevormwald

Phoenix Design, Stuttgart


Perspective Award – Product Design 2011

iF product design award 2010

Plus X Award seal 2010
for design and operating convenience

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

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