Gira docking station

The Gira docking station allows external music sources to be connected to the Gira RDS radio or a stereo system.

It can also be used as a fixed charging device for a wide variety of smartphones and MP3 players.

Playing music

Music is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth so that mobile end devices don't need to be inserted. This means that you can enjoy listening to music while working through your emails or reading news and messages. This transfer method also enables music to be fed in from sources such as laptops. Internet radio stations that are received via a corresponding device in the home network can also be played through the Gira RDS radio via the docking station. Up to eight audio sources can be assigned to the docking station via Bluetooth.

Permanently installed charging device

More and more smartphones and MP3 players in the household means increasing numbers of charging devices, messes of tangled wires – and annoying searches for the right device. With the Gira docking station, all devices can have a shared, fixed charging station in future. The top units can be exchanged easily, which makes switching from one device to another simple.

Exchangeable top units

The Gira docking station is compatible with all common charger interfaces because it is equipped with three exchangeable top units that can be switched out quickly and easily by means of a swivelling mechanism. A wide range of smartphones and MP3 players can be connected and charged via exchangeable top units for Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning or USB Micro-B. 

Blank cover plate

The Gira docking station is also available with an elegant blank cover plate: which is a perfect solution when only music playback functions via Bluetooth are required rather than charging functions, or when a smooth surface is desired for visual or cleaning reasons.

Connecting to stereo systems

The combination of the docking station (preferably with a blank cover plate) and a cinch socket outlet is recommended for playing music files on a stereo system. If the docking station is installed near a stereo system, music can be fed in using a cinch line. Listen to, select, and control music from the comfort of your sofa.

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