Inscribable Gira E2 frames

The more functions there are in a building, the more important it is to have clear inscriptions. In hospitals, administrative offices, commercial operations, airports and companies, for example, electrical installations must be identified and documented. 

The inscribable frames in the Gira E2 design line are a good choice for jobs of this type. They are especially suitable for clinics where harsh cleaning agents or disinfectants are used.

Features, characteristics

The inscribable frames in the Gira E2 design line are smear-proof and spraywater-resistant. The inscription windows are firmly connected to the frames so that there are no gaps for disinfecting agents to get into. As a result, the functions will keep their inscriptions for good.

Additional product details

The frames are made of made of shatter-proof, UV-resistant thermoplastic and are available for vertical or horizontal installation in 1-gang to 5-gang variants in the colours of the Gira E2 design line: Aluminium, anthracite, pure white glossy and pure white matt.

The frame is simply removed to change the inscription. Inscription holders and paper are included in delivery. Additional inscription sheets are available from Gira as accessories.

Note: The inscribable frames in the Gira E2 design line should not be used with: IP 44 sealing kit, surface-mounted housing with flat design, surface-mounted housing.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments



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