Gira KNX binary input, 6-gang and 8-gang

Convert an extremely wide range of switching signals into KNX telegrams

Different kinds of contacts can be connected to the Gira KNX binary inputs in the DRA housing: e.g. switches, buttons, magnet contacts or meters’ pulse outputs. Their switching operations are converted into KNX telegrams. The inputs can be assigned various functions or blocked independently of one another during this process. Status LEDs for each channel provide information about the respective switching state.

Available from 08/2016

Features of the Gira KNX binary input, 6-gang 10-230V AC/DC:

  • Connection of AC and DC voltages possible
  • Up to 2 x 3 input signals can be connected at optionally different voltage levels or reference potentials
  • Installation: DRA 2HP

Features of the Gira KNX binary input 8-gang, 12–48 V AC/DC/potential-free:

  • Connection of AC and DC voltages as well as potential-free contacts possible
  • Separate reference potentials per input
  • Analysis of meters with S0 or pulse interface (e.g. electricity, water or gas meters)
  • Installation: DRA 4HP
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