Gira G1 – The multi-talent for building technology: 1 Operating device - 6 Areas of application

The Gira G1 is the multi-talent for building technology. Besides its function as a KNX room operating device, it can also act as a Gira X1 client, Gira eNet SMART HOME client, Gira HomeServer client or link up with the Gira Alarm Connect security system. When combined with the Gira DCS IP gateway and a door station video, the new Gira G1 can also be used as a home station.

Gira G1 as a HomeServer client

In KNX systems with a Gira HomeServer, the Gira G1 can alternatively also be used as the HomeServer client for controlling the KNX system. The same interfaces as on the Gira Control Clients and the Gira HomeServer apps are available. The clear and easy-to-operate user interface displays all functions in a simple way, which allows rapid and convenient handling. Nearly all the functions included in the scope of series delivery of the Gira HomeServer
are supported: The central control of lighting, blinds, and heating, design of room scenes, requirements-based
single-room ventilation and heating control, fully automatic garden sprinklers, multimedia entertainment in all rooms, and much more. Further releases are already planned for additional functions such as door communication and weather service and other HomeServer functions.

Gira G1 as a home station

When combined with the Gira DCS IP gateway and a Gira door station with colour camera, the Gira G1 can be used as an autonomous, fully-fledged home station. The camera image automatically appears in the display when the doorbell rings. At the touch of a finger, the door can be opened, or the light can be switched on. Features like direct access to favourite functions and the integration of images from several cameras that can be cycled through by swiping on the screen make door communication even more convenient. Internal voice communication between several Gira G1s or to other Gira home stations is also possible.
The functionality of the home station can also be integrated in
the range of functions of the Gira G1 as a KNX room operating
device: This significantly increases the range of
functions again.

Gira G1 as a KNX operating device

From lighting and blind control and setting the room temperature to
online weather forecast and door communication – the new Gira G1 is the intelligent operating device for KNX building technology. Numerous functions can
be conveniently operated at the touch of a finger or with gestures such as swiping or touching the brilliant multi-touch
display. In combination with the DCS IP gateway, it can also be
used as a home station for Gira door communication. It can be installed on a single device box like a normal switch and is equally suitable for modernisation, retrofitting and new buildings.

Gira G1 as X1 client

Another market innovation with the Gira G1: In combination with the Gira X1, the Gira G1 can now also be used as an X1 client. At this point, the all-rounder reveals its full capabilities. From lighting and shading, to heating and cooling
and scene and music control, through to the integration of network cameras – everything is started up quickly and easily thanks to the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). Other Gira systems, such as the door communication system, Alarm Connect security system, and online weather service, can also be integrated.

Gira G1 as eNet SMART HOME client

With the Gira G1, all areas of the personal eNet SMART HOME system can be controlled from home: The intelligent central operating unit enables intuitive access to all functions. The Gira G1 eNet SMART HOME client fits perfectly into every room with a design that is both future oriented and simple.

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Gira G1


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