ZigBee® Light Link hand-held transmitter

Set up lighting moods with ease

The Gira ZigBee® Light Link wireless hand-held transmitter serves as a wireless remote control as well as a tool for
conveniently starting up smart lighting systems based on ZigBee®, such as Philips Hue. With the remote control, lights in the home can be grouped and transferred to other wall transmitters or hand-held transmitters, and other ZigBee® Light Link lights can be set to their factory settings. Furthermore the wireless hand-held transmitter can be used to control atmospheric light scenes – from the sofa or wherever the user happens to be. Dimming values, colours, or up to six light scenes of compatible lamps and lights can be conveniently set and called up with the four large rocker switches.

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ZigBee® Light Link hand-held transmitter


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