Safety that can be retrofitted

Residual currents are a serious, invisible danger, which can be lethal for humans and animals alike. They are a result of damaged cables, defective electrical devices or humidity. Residual current protection integrated in the installation is compulsory in new builds. In older buildings, on the other hand, residual current protection is often missing. This is where retrofittable solutions come into their own – especially where the risk is particularly great: in bathrooms, children’s rooms, the kitchen and outdoors. The Gira RCCB offers a simple and safe way of retrofitting. It can be combined with all corresponding cover frames from the Gira design lines as a function insert in the Gira System 55.


  • More safety: protecting people and animals from overcurrents
  • Easy to install: thanks to claws or screw mounting
  • Cost-saving: with output for additional protected SCHUKO socket outlet


  • Easy to retrofit: SCHUKO socket outlet and RCCB in one device
  • Attractive design: perfectly adapted to the Gira inserts
The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Manual lighting control


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