Gira Tectiv 220°

High-tech undercover, Gira Tectiv 220°, colour aluminium

Gira Tectiv 220° is a motion detector that has it all: a state-of-the-art high-tech sensor system works reliably under cover of a watertight, shatter-proof dome made of IR-permeable, UV-resistant lens material. Its three-stage lens has excellent close-up, medium and long range detection and a mirror for rear field monitoring.

The sensitivity, switch-on duration and brightness level are set using a controller without any need for tools. Particularly convenient and precise: The current brightness level can be easily saved using the teach-in button.

Detection behaviour

A sharp eye at all levels: The moving, three-stage Tectiv lens with two high-quality infrared sensors differentiates by close-up, medium and long range. This ensures optimum detection quality at all levels. At an installation height of 2.4 m, the Tectiv 220° has a semi-circular detection field of 16 x 24 m in total, plus rear field monitoring. Faulty switching is prevented by ASIC and microprocessor-controlled signal analysis.

Rear field monitoring

A rear mirror expands the detector's view. The Gira Tectiv 220° notices if something is passing behind it, thanks to its integrated mirror for rear field monitoring. The Tectiv uses the rear mirror to see motion at the front door and switches accordingly. This means you have light outside, even before leaving the house.

Teach-in button

The teach-in button is used to set the precise brightness level outdoors, at which the Tectiv will become active. The current brightness level is easily saved at the press of a button, as follows: Wait for the desired degree of twilight. Remove dome. Press red teach-in button for at least 3 seconds until the LED begins flashing. Replace dome. After 1 minute, the value will be saved and the LED will stop flashing.


  1. Poke the cable through the provided inlets
  2. Fasten the connection base to the wall or ceiling using a screw
  3. Connect the cables via the plug-in terminals in the base
  4. Attach sensor top unit and audibly snap it into place
  5. Align and set the lens
  6. Attach and lock the dome

Additional functions

  • Passage detector
  • Light on
  • Permanently on/off

Switching capacity

  • 2500 W light bulbs
  • 2500 W HV halogen lamps
  • 1200 W fluorescent lamps, uncompensated
  • Watch out for high inrush peak currents when using energy saving lamps. Check suitability of the lamps before use!
The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Automatic lighting control


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