Gira presence detector Komfort

Gira presence detector Komfort

When used in conjunction with various System 2000 flush-mounted inserts, the Gira presence detector Komfort makes an array of lighting controls available. It switches the light on or off depending on the brightness level and movement in the room or provides convenient constant light control. With constant light control, it controls the lighting in such a way that the brightness of the room is constantly maintained at the desired level and fluctuations in natural daylight are smoothly balanced out with artificial light.

When there is sufficient daylight or there is no movement, the lighting is turned down and finally switched off. The Gira presence detector Komfort is available in pure white or aluminium colour.

Possible applications, operation

Several presence detectors and automatic control switches can be connected in parallel to expand the detection field. The Gira presence detector Komfort can be used on all System 2000 flush-mounted inserts and on the auxiliary unit for presence detectors and automatic control switches. As a constant light controller, the presence detector operates using the dimming inserts and the 1-10 V control device. As a 2-point controller, it uses the switch inserts. In addition, the lighting can be switched on or off manually via a simple installation button on the auxiliary input. It can also be dimmed with the System 2000 auxiliary unit.

The desired brightness setpoint can be adjusted temporarily, i.e. until the lights are switched off, with a switching/dimming top unit via System 2000 auxiliary units: With the next movement, the presence detector then adjusts the lighting back to the previously set brightness setpoint.

Impulse insert

The System 2000 presence detector Komfort top unit can be operated with the System 2000 impulse insert for motion dependent light control, e.g. in staircases. When activated, the impulse insert sends a pulse to the timer in the distributor, which then switches on the light for a specified time. The response threshold for each device in the lighting system can be individually set to suit the ambient conditions using the potentiometer for initial switch-on brightness in the presence detector top unit Komfort. The power-on time is set centrally at the automated timer in the distributor cabinet.

Up to eight impulse inserts can be connected to one automatic DRA here. If only six presence detectors with impulse inserts are used, any number of non-illuminated rocker buttons can also be connected for semi-automatic light control.

Technical data

Angle of detection


Nominal range desk height

Ø 5

Nominal range floor

Ø 8 m

Installation height for nominal range

2.5 m

Number of lenses/detection levels


Rated voltage

230 V AC, 50 Hz

Switch-on time

1 s Test mode approx. 10 s to 30 min


approx. 10 to 1000 lux


Ø 103 mm x H 63 mm


The device can be installed either flush-mounted or surface-mounted using a surface-mounted housing. It has convenient connection space for lateral surface-mounted and rear flush-mounted cable feed of up to 2.5 mm².

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Automatic lighting control


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