Gira automatic control switch 2

For even more comfort and safety with motion detection

The next generation of the Gira automatic control switch for high installation areas provides even more convenience and security throughout the building. In low light, the new automatic control switches automatically activate the lighting as soon as someone enters the detection field and switch it off again when a defined period has elapsed if no one is present any more. A new detection lens with double sensors significantly increases the power of the detection field and detection quality in the Gira automatic control switch 2. Being able to 'crawl under' this field is a thing of the past.

Like the previous automatic control switches, the Gira automatic control switch 2 can also be used with all System 2000 flush-mounted inserts, e.g. with a relay insert for switching any light sources on or off, or a dimming insert for setting individual brightness levels. If the top unit is installed on an HVAC relay insert, it also switches heating and ventilation on/off in addition to lights.

Standard top unit

The standard top unit has a preset overrun time of two minutes during which the light remains switched on. A teach function enables the user to adjust the switch-on brightness conveniently by shading it with a hand. The brightness at which the lighting is switched on when motion is detected can be conveniently adjusted by simply shading it with a hand (teach function, brightness from 1 to 200 lux).

Komfort top unit

The Komfort variant is equipped with a large number of innovative features for individual use and an infrared remote control. This allows settings such as occupancy simulation, night light, or a preset switch-on brightness for staircases to be made easily and conveniently. This means that automatic mode can now be disabled using an On/Off function. Manual switching is as easy as using a conventional light switch, with colour LEDs indicating the current status.

Infrared remote control

The Komfort variant of the Gira automatic control switch 2 also now comes with an infrared remote control, which can be used to make many new settings easily and conveniently. Striking additions to the functions on offer include occupancy simulation, a night light, and a preset switch-on brightness for staircases.

Occupancy simulation

Occupancy simulation can be activated on the Gira automatic control switch 2 for holidays or other periods of absence. In automatic mode the device saves up to 120 switching events over a period of 7 days. If occupancy simulation is switched on, the Gira automatic control switch 2 forwards the saved data. If not enough switching events are saved, further brightness-dependent random switching events take place.

Night light

If the motion detector is combined with a dimming insert, the light is toggled between two brightness levels when the night light function is activated. In its idle state, the brightness for this is 20% of the maximum brightness. When motion is detected, the light is switched to the programmed switch-on brightness.

Teach function

To activate the teach function, a hand must be placed over the motion detector at least three times for approx. 1 second each within a 9-second period. After approximately 30 seconds, the motion detector measures the brightness, saves it, and confirms this process.

Technical data

Angle of detectionl



-15°C to +45°C

Protection type

IP 20 (IP 44 in the
TX_44 design line)

Brightness setting

approx. 1 – 200 lx (and day mode)

Mounting height

1.1 / 2.2 m

Transversing range

approx. 12 x 6 m (mounting height 2.2 m)

Approach range

approx. 8 x 4 m (mounting height 2.2 m)

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

Automatic lighting control


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