Gira company history


The name Gira represents systematic modern building technology which makes home living more convenient, more secure and more energy-efficient. For this purpose, Gira offers intelligent functions and user-friendly devices for the easy and convenient control of lighting, heating, and blinds, as well as door communication, multimedia, and security systems.

Award-winning design lines provide the right framework for integrating diverse solutions. With its Plastics Technology business segment, Gira also develops and produces special solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


Innovation points the way to the future

As early as 1903, Richard Giersiepen designed a further development of the tumbler switch and had it patented. This invention was also the spur for him to start a company with his brother Gustav Giersiepen. On 1 August 1905 they founded the company "Gebrüder Giersiepen, Fabrik von Apparaten für elektrische Beleuchtung", and began producing light switches and other parts for domestic electrical installations in two rented rooms in Wichlinghausen (now a part of Wuppertal). Five years later the company switched its location to Radevormwald. And in 1964, it changed its name to Gira.

Gira is founded in Wuppertal

Gira was founded in 1905 in Wuppertal and initially started with the utilisation of a toggle switch patent. In 1910, Gira relocated to Radevormwald. During the 1930s, the company established itself with the well-known double locking rotary switch. Today, Gira employs more than 1,200 people.

Gira relocates

The young technology start-up had grown out of its rented rooms in Wuppertal. In search of space for expansion, the Giersiepen brothers found the perfect spot in Radevormwald. The production facilities were housed in a wooden shed on Weststrasse, with the company founders and their families living opposite in a pair of semi-detached houses. Wilhelm and Gustav Giersiepen junior became the second generation of the family to join the firm, which was now listed in the commercial register as "Gebrüder Giersiepen".


Catalogue première

In the first surviving product catalogue by the "Fabrik von Apparaten für elektrische Beleuchtung" (Factory for electric lighting devices), the company presented itself as a manufacturer of installation materials, focusing particularly on the production of metal parts. According to the catalogue, the company's products included lamp holders, socket outlets, plugs, laminated fuses, screw terminals, fuses and – although only for a little while longer – tumbler switches.

erster Katalog 1912

Socket outlet no. 265 is launched

The socket outlet no. 265 entered the scene, and marked the start of the company's development activities in the field of switches and socket outlets. The product set a new standard in quality, gaining Gira a large number of new customers as a result.

The double locking switch ushers in success

The double locking switch (10 amperes) for right and left switching was brought to the market towards the end of the year. Industrial property rights were applied for, and finally granted on 1 June. As long as installation switches had to be suitable for both direct and alternating current (until the 1950s ), the double locking switch was considered the leading switch in terms of quality.

"Elektrotechnische Industrie Gustav Giersiepen" also started using its first logo at the end of the 1920s: the letters "E" and "I" laid one across the other.

Company history


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