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The name Gira represents systematic modern building technology which makes home living more convenient, more secure and more energy-efficient. For this purpose, Gira offers intelligent functions and user-friendly devices for the easy and convenient control of lighting, heating, and blinds, as well as door communication, multimedia, and security systems.

Award-winning design lines provide the right framework for integrating diverse solutions. With its Plastics Technology business segment, Gira also develops and produces special solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


The Gira modular system revolutionises the industry

Gira revolutionises the industry with a modular system that brings a host of advantages for wholesale and trade alike. The idea of the modular range, which can be combined in many ways, quickly becomes established on the market.
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A new chapter in production

The first use of an assembly line in production sparked enduring enthusiasm. The 21 metre-long and 40 centimetre-wide conveyor belt, which was constructed and installed by the company's own technicians and mechanics in four months, was initially used for assembling AC switches. Another innovation followed hot on its heels: the first fully automatic machine for assembling support rings and claws.

Kunststofffertigung 1962

A new emblem for a trusted concept

This is how the company announced its name change from "Elektrotechnische Industrie Gustav Giersiepen", which it had been using in logo-form as a superimposed "E" and "I" since the late 1920s, to "Gira". The abbreviation for "Giersiepen Radevormwald" was also a nod to the company's location, where it continues to be based to this day.

Logo 1964

Gira develops the F100

With its technical innovations and outstanding design expertise, the company sets standards that are soon followed by all well-known switch manufacturers. One excellent example of this is the F100 launched in 1966, where switching can be triggered on almost the entire cover plate. This photo was the advertising image for the F100 in the 1970 catalogue.
Gira F100

Company history


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