Insta Lightment

Looking at light from a new perspective! 'Lightment' is an emotional, visible innovation that highlights modern, architectural quality through clarity in design and electronic intelligence. A young team is using the company’s core competencies as a basis to implement inspiring LED systems and design and function-oriented LED lights, as well as complete lighting solutions and control systems for sophisticated indoor and outdoor architecture. In addition to the timeless design, linking light quality and energy efficiency is the most important focus for customer-oriented product development.

'Lightment' understands product design as being an organic interface between the technical 'must' and the creative 'can' in a shape, which turns light into a new experience time and again. Both today and tomorrow. Simple, clear and understandable. The durability of Lightment products makes them efficient and sustainable; they are flexible due to the platform strategy and attractive thanks to their discreet, clear design lines.
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