Gira surface-mounted video home station 7

Start-up and installation.
Suitable for both small and large properties.

The Gira surface-mounted video home station 7 can be used both in single-family homes and apartment buildings. It can be installed using 2-wire bus technology for up to 28 devices, without the need for an additional power supply or a great deal of cabling work.

Your electrician, aided by the Gira Project Assistant (GPA), will define all the settings when starting up the home station – device parameters, image memory, door calls, and much more. Particularly practical for rental properties. These settings can be saved onto a microSD card as a back-up. Changes to settings can be optionally protected by use of a PIN. Practical for apartment buildings or holiday apartments. The electrician can leave their contact details on the device as a digital business card, so that you can get hold of them easily if you need rapid assistance. Firmware updates can also be easily installed via a microSD card. The usual push-button start-up is also possible, of course.

All functions and device parameters can be easily and clearly adjusted using the settings menu, or installed with the aid of the GPA.

Easy installation
without much mess or effort.

As the home station works via the door communication system's traditional 2-wire bus, there is very little installation work involved. A mounting plate merely has to be attached to the wall to install the device. Thanks to its slim dimensions (W/ H/ D: 181 × 123 × 24 mm), low profile height of only 26 mm, and linear design, a suitable space can be found for the home station in any entrance area.

Step 1

When installing the home station on the wall, a mounting height of 1.60 – 1.70 m is recommended. Be sure to pick an even surface to mount it on.

Step 2

The home station’s mounting plate should be fixed centrally over the cable outlet.

Step 3

Then simply place the home station on the mounting plate and push downwards until it audibly locks into place.

Step 4

To remove the home station, support the sides and push firmly upwards with your thumbs until it is released by the catch mechanism.

Data backup.
Once installed, saved forever.

If there is a power outage, your device settings will be retained. If a device has to be replaced, all the data can simply be stored on an SD card. To do this, you need a microSD card in the FAT32 format with at least 500 MB of memory. Besides its back-up function, the SD card can be used to import ring tones and export images.
More information on this can be found in the installation guide.

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Surface-mounted video home station 7


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