Gira surface-mounted video home station 7

Operation and functions. Proper control, intuitively.
Speed buttons for simple convenience.

The home station’s basic functions can be controlled simply by lightly touching the icon buttons: you can accept door calls, switch on the outside light by the door or the staircase lighting (in conjunction with a switching actuator), and open the door. The door bell can also be muted, if desired. The pressing of a button is confirmed by an acknowledgement tone, which can be deactivated. Confirmation by tactile feedback (vibration) is also an option. The type of button tone (tone, click, multi-frequency tone) and its volume can also be set. Multi-frequency tones and button vibration are particularly practical options for people with hearing impairments.

A home station with a wide range of options:


Up to 24 calls (door calls, internal calls, and floor calls) can be assigned to the Gira surface-mounted video home station 7. Ten pre-installed ringtone melodies are available for selection to help manage the calls, but all or any of these can be replaced by your own melodies. To do this, you will need an SD card.

Image memory

A customisable, internal image memory offers capacity for up to 200 images, which can be stored manually or automatically when someone rings at the door. So even if you weren’t at home yourself, you can look later and see who came by. The internal images can also be manually saved onto an external SD card.

External camera

The home station can be linked with up to 20 cameras at a variety of locations, such as the main entrance, garden or side entrance, staircase or cellar door.


Two favourites can be defined and displayed in the on-screen menu bar via the “Manage favourites” function. Personal switch operations that you frequently perform are good choices for favourites, for example “Call children’s bedroom” or “Turn on entrance light”.

Auto function

The automatic door opening function is an optional feature, which works by automatically triggering the door opener whenever there is a ring at the door. A practical function for doctors’ surgeries, for example.

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Surface-mounted video home station 7


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