Gira System 106

Artfully concealed technology

The body and flat modules of the Gira System 106 are full of innovative technology and functional details. For example, the design and glass fronts conceal the high-quality intercom system with background noise suppression, the camera with backlight compensation, the brightness sensor for the call button, or a built-in heating unit to protect the system.


An extremely light-sensitive camera is concealed behind the black glass plate. The wide observation range and backlight compensation guarantee a clear image and a good overview. The camera module also has a rotary coding switch. This enables the image sections to be set in nine different positions. The camera module contains a heating unit, which switches on if necessary and protects the camera from fogging up and cold. An additional connection allows a second heating level to be activated for use in very cold regions. Four infrared LEDs arranged around the lens perfectly illuminate the view in front of the camera. In night mode, infrared lighting enables a glare-free illumination of the field of view. The camera can be turned on at night without this being visible outside. If any strong backlight, such as car headlights, hits the camera, individual image areas often remain extremely underexposed. The backlight compensation brightens up these dark areas, so that they are just as easy to see.

Extremely light-sensitive camera with a wide observation range

Four infrared LEDs arranged around the lens perfectly illuminate the view in front of the camera

Speaker and microphone

Tucked away safely and vandal-proof behind the sturdy design front are a high-quality microphone and a weather-proof speaker. The high-quality microphone and background noise suppression ensure a high level of voice quality and interference-free communication. The intercom module or door station module houses the brightness sensor, which regulates the illumination of the call buttons. This takes place using two brightness levels, depending on the current ambient light conditions.

Vandal-proof design: A sturdy metal plate protects the technology concealed behind it

Peek inside: view of the intercom module underneath the design front

Call buttons

A single module contains all the technology for fitting the door station with call buttons. Its flexible design allows it to be equipped either with plates made entirely of metal, or with buttons featuring a backlit inscription space. In each case, the corresponding cover is simply selected and placed on top of the module. The call buttons are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-gang variants. The underlying module can be fitted with the desired number of buttons.

Call buttons with a
full-metal surface

Call buttons with backlit
inscription space

Intelligent design: LED and fine, tactile – yet robust – mechanics


The robust housing has a CDP coating, which provides protection against corrosion, and is recyclable. The housing also has rubber covers on the elongated slots and a membrane with a small opening covered in a geotextile fleece. This offers protection against humidity and ensures an ideal micro-climate.

Peek inside the housing with the covered elongated slots and membrane

Two-wire bus

Only two lines are required to supply power to the various components and transmit all audio and video signals. This means that an existing doorbell system can be easily replaced by the Gira door communication system, for example. Instead of routing new cables, existing cables are used.

Only two lines are required for the transmission of all audio and video signals.

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System 106


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