Gira System 106

Advantageous for installation, service, and environment

The modules are systematically developed for extreme flexibility in use. They can be assembled as desired and arranged vertically, horizontally, or in squares. A choice of stainless steel, aluminium, or aluminium lacquered in traffic white is available for the design fronts, so that all tastes and architectural styles can be accommodated. And the modules or design fronts can easily be exchanged at a later stage.

Installation and exchange service

The benefits of modular construction become apparent when installing the system. It is possible, for example, to install just the housing at first, when the building work is at an early stage. Lines, modules, and front plates can be added later – just before the building is ready to be used. Investment protection is an additional feature. If the surface of the system is damaged through vandalism, there is no need to exchange the entire door station, as the front can simply be replaced. This means significantly lower costs and expenditure on materials.

Environment and sustainability

When developing and selecting the materials for the Gira System 106, a high priority was given to sustainability. One of the characteristics of the System 106 is that it has also been designed to be dismantled in an extremely environmentally-friendly way, as all the materials used can be fully separated from each other. The modular design of the System 106 is particularly advantageous in this respect, as the different components such as the body, function modules, and design fronts are clearly demarcated from each other. They can be easily disassembled and separately dismantled. The coated die-cast zinc of the housing and the design fronts are recyclable. All plastic parts can be released from the circuit board, separated and sorted, and also recycled.

The delivery results subject to countries specific assortments

System 106


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